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Fancy dining like the sultans used to do? This workshop provides you the opportunity to learn about Ottoman cooking from the experts!


Matbah Restaurant is an Ottoman restaurant where the dishes are prepared with recipes that were taken from the palace archives, starting from the 15th century.


During this workshop, you will be introduced to the Ottoman cuisine and you will cook with the chef in the kitchen of the restaurant.

Dishes you will cook are as follows:


Almond soup (1539): Light almond broth flavored with grated coconut ‘kanela’ (cinnamon) syrup


Sailor’s Roll With Honey (15th century): This pastry is made of seven different Turkish cheeses, wrapped in homemade filo, fried in olive oil and served with honey with currants


Quail in Garden Eggplant with Basil Sauce (17th century): Quail meat prepared in fired eggplant with pepper paste, honey and olive oil, seasoned with fresh basil


Special Halvah (1582): Dessert made with starch, butter, sugar, almond and rose water


After the workshop, you can relax in the quaint courtyard of the restaurant which has a view of 16th century Ottoman school next door.

  • Destination
  • Excluded
    Extra dishes & drinks that can be ordered during lunch / Transfer to the restaurant and back / VAT
  • Included
    Cooking workshop in the kitchen of Matbah Restaurant / Instruction and explanation by the chef of the restaurant / Food that has been cooked during the workshop 
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