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Turkish cuisine is very rich due to the complex past of the country. İstanbul is home to people all over Türkiye who have migrated here and brought their cuisines with them. In Istanbul, you can find Black Sea cuisine, Aegean […]

Ready to learn how the famous Turkish ‘meze’s are prepared and then taste some? Here is your chance!   This Turkish cooking class takes place in a cute, vegetarian-friendly restaurant that is located on one of the most picturesque streets […]

Fancy dining like the sultans used to do? This workshop provides you the opportunity to learn about Ottoman cooking from the experts!   Matbah Restaurant is an Ottoman restaurant where the dishes are prepared with recipes that were taken from […]

Explore the heart of Istanbul, walk down the historical streets of Beyoglu, admire the architecture and the hustle & bustle of Istanbul. Taste both famous & lesser known local delights of Turkish cuisine.    Kebaps and Turkish delight might be […]

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