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What To Do In February In Istanbul For Second Tımers


Istanbul is a city that has a lot to offer. Obviously, no visit can be complete without seeing the must-see historical sights, but the city has much more to offer than Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque. 

Once you have covered those sights in your first visit, it is time to explore this magnificient city and see everything else that even locals do not have time to explore.

So, what else can you do once you have seen the highlights of the historical peninsula?

– How about riding your bicycle on the Prince Islands where no private cars are allowed? Feeling lazy? You can always go for a ride in nostalgic horse carriage cars.

– How about strolling through the streets of Fener & Balat and experiencing how these two historical neighborhoods are being gentrified with all the vintage stores, auction houses and hip cafe’s opening up.


– Curious to see one of the most important spirituals leaders in the world? You can actually walk in to the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate on most Sundays and get a chance to meet and maybe even take a picture with the sympathetic leader of the Greek Orthodox Community, the Patriarch himself.

– Grab your camera and walk out before sunrise to capture the most amazing scenes around Suleymaniye Mosque.

– Always wanted to go to Asia but could not do it? Here is your chance to hop on a public ferry and make it to the Asian (known as ‘Anatolian’ by istanbulites) side of Istanbul and get lost taking photographs of the lively, local market place of Kadıköy.

– How about watching the sun go down over the Sea of Marmara as you sip your Turkish coffee? Head to Moda and sit in one of the casual tea gardens and just take in the view.


There are tons of other things to do in Istanbul, this is just a brief selection for those of you who are planning to revisit one of the most beautiful cities on Earth? 

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