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Yeldeğirmeni Neighborhood

Yeldeğirmeni Neighborhood

The neighborhood is rarely visited by tourists but it is one of the most artistic neighborhoods in the city with its bookstores, art studios, local designer stores, and impressive murals on the walls of the buildings. The murals were painted by famous international street artists.


The place takes its name from windmills built in the Ottoman Era to meet the need for flour.


Also, it is known as the first place in Istanbul where apartments were built for residency in the 1800s; before the place was famous for mansions with vast gardens.


There were piers and train stations so it made the area a key point of logistics and trade and many foreigners, Jewish traders, and businessmen moved to the neighborhood, and most of the apartment buildings were built by the Ottoman Jews.


Instead of wooden mansions which could easily be burned down, people of the time loved these stone-made buildings


Now most of the residents are artists, hipsters, and students. Ayios Yeorgios Greek Orthodox Church, the last church that was built in İstanbul, is one of the must-see sights in Yeldeğirmeni, you may stop at Roots Cafe & Botanique or Müdavim to grab a coffee or something to eat.

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