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Topkapı Palace Museum

Topkapı Palace Museum

The original name “Saray-ı Cedide” in old Turkish meaning “New Palace” was built by Sultan Mehmet the Conquerer.


Topkapı Palace was constructed between 1460-1478 and derives its current name from a palace which no longer exists by the main sea gate called “Topkapı”, meaning the “Gate of Cannon” in Turkish.


The palace was both the private residence of the Sultan, “Harem”, and the main administration center, “Selamlık”, of the Ottoman Empire.


Topkapı Palace Museum includes 4 courtyards and various exhibitions such as Imperial Horse-carriage, Imperial Treasury, Weapons, Kaftan Section, Sultans’ Portraits Section and Holy Relics.


The 86 carat ‘Spoonmakers’ diamond; so-called ‘Topkapı Dagger’, Prophet Muhammed’s Mantle and Beard are considered as the highlights of the Topkapı Palace Museum.


Topkapı Palace was used between 1478-1856, until the Dolmabahçe Palace was built. Following the construction of Dolmabahçe, the palace was abandoned and the new palace by the Bosphorous hosted the administrative center and the Harem.


Note: Since 1924 Topkapı Palace functions as a museum.


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