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Spice Market

Spice Market

Hosting approximately 150 shops, Spice Market is a small L-shaped market also known as the ‘Egyptian Bazaar’. Since it was the Egyptian tradesmen who brought the spices from India, the market was called ‘Egyptian Bazaar’ by the locals.


The market was built together with the New Mosque complex in the 17th century. It has been used as a market ever since.


Apart from spices, mainly Turkish delight, dried fruits and vegetables, nuts, saffron and caviar is sold in the market. It is also possible to find gold, shawl, purse stores similar to the Grand Bazaar.


You might remember the square in front of the Spice Market from a James Bond movie. In 2012, Skyfall was shot here. The movie starts at the old headquarter of the “Deutsche Orientbank”, a late 19th century office of the German foreign bank branch in Türkiye. A game of cat-and-mouse between the narrow alley of around the Spice Market is one of the first scenes of the movie. You can read more about it here.


Special note: Bargaining is customary in many stores although there are several ‘fix price shops’ available as well.

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