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Panorama 1453

Panorama 1453

Panorama 1453 is a history museum that depicts the conquest of Constantinople. The significance of the museum is its panoramic structure and the experience one gets when inside.


The museum has a half dome that is painted all across with battlefield scenes, particularly the moment the Ottoman troops broke the Byzantine defenses of the city. The painting measures 38 meters in diameter and covers an area of 2,350 square meters. Near the center where the visitors stand, three-dimensional objects like cannons, cannonballs and weapons surround them to create a dramatic and real experience. With sounds of the battlefield of cannonballs firing and soldiers walking one really feels like taking place in the middle of the field. This impressive museum is definitely worth a visit and will leave an impact on the visitors.


The museum is in the Topkapı neighborhood in the historical district and close to the walls where the battle took place. It is quite the experience to walk along the walls after visiting the museum.

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