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Nişanyan Houses

Nişanyan Houses

Nişanyan Houses is the first boutique hotel in Şirince Village and its owner made the village a popular tourist destination.


Nişanyan Houses are composed of different types of old Greek Houses that were renovated and became a hotel. Their location is on top of the village, away from the crowd where you will have a wonderful view and relax. On their land, they have lots of fruit trees, a hidden swimming pool, a medieval tower, and gardens that you will fall in love with and never want to leave.


In the restaurant, everything is cooked freshly. Even olive oil, herbs, and vegetables are coming from their gardens. The breakfast lasts until 1 Pm and everything will be served to your table.


Müjde, who is the founder and host at Nişanyan Houses never employed professional cooks instead she educates talented women in the village as her kitchen staff. They cook traditional Aegean cuisine for you and if you’re interested they can teach you too! She has a cooking workshop where you may learn the secret recipes and secrets of traditional Aegean cuisine. 

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