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New Mosque

New Mosque

New Mosque or New Valide Sultan Mosque as it is called in Turkish, dates to mid-17th century. The mosque was actually built as a mosque complex and the Spice Market was part of the complex.


Since the initial architect and then the sultan passed away during the construction, it took 67 years to complete the mosque until another queen mother picked it up to finish it.


During the Ottoman era, the imperial mosques were built as “külliye“, mosque complex, and functioned as a foundation for the district, to serve both religious and cultural needs.

This mosque complex originally encompassed a hospital, primary school, hamams (Turkish bath), market (spice market), mausoleum, public fountain of which only the latter three has survived.


It is an indispensable part of the silhouette of İstanbul. The architectural style is reminiscent of the works of the famous Ottoman architect Sinan.


During the visit, shoes will be taken off. It is recommended to have a pair of socks for hygienic concerns.

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