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Kuzguncuk Neighborhood

Kuzguncuk Neighborhood

Kuzguncuk is a picturesque neighborhood with narrow, cobblestone streets, cute cafes, art galleries, historical houses and churches. This is definitely one of the most unique spots in the city.


It is located on the Asian side of the city, a short taxi or minibus ride from Üsküdar pier.


Here you find a historical neighborhood which has been inhabited since the 16th century by mostly non-Muslims of the Ottoman Empire. Thus, there are historical synagogues and Greek Orthodox churches here. Due to the changing demography of the last few decades, today you find lovely art galleries, cute cafes, bakeries, restaurants and you will see that people spend their days mingling on the tables of these cafes that are lined up on the side walks.


Kuzguncuk is also a popular place for TV series and advertising shoots due to her narrow, cobblestone streets that are lined up with beautiful two, three story houses (some of which resemble those in San Francisco).


The neighborhood lately became known by the activist locals who resisted to give their ‘bostan’ away and thus Kuzguncuk now has a community garden (bostan) which is open for visitors.


Looking for some non-touristy, local flavor in the city? You would find what you are looking for in Kuzguncuk! Take a walk with us.

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