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Kadıköy, is the hub of the Asian side of the city where you can walk through the local fish and vegetable market, hip cafes, indie boutiques, and Anatolian restaurants.


You may reach the neighborhood by taking a public ferry from the European side and walk through the colorful streets and street art-painted buildings. 


Haydarpaşa will welcome you as the first thing you will see at the pier. The train station was opened in 1872, then due to its busy traffic a bigger building was needed so two German architects were hired. They chose a neo-classical design and the new building was opened in 1909. While the work was in progress German engineers and craftsmen established a small neighborhood in Yeldeğirmeni with its own German school. 


The symbol of Kadıköy neighborhood is the bull statue made by the French artist Isidore Jules Bonheur in 1864. Bonheur made more than one of the same statues and they are in England, Belgium, Spain, and the USA. It is now the best-known meeting point of Kadıköy. 


While you are here you must visit Çiya Sofrası to taste delicious Anatolian cuisine  Most people prefer Kadıköy to eat in Çiya Sofrası and the neighborhood for food tours.


We highly recommend visiting Moda Neighborhood, which is only ten minutes from Kadıköy marketplace, a residential, bohemian, and chic neighborhood with cool cafes, restaurants, and a relaxing view of the Marmara Sea.


Also, you may take breathtaking photos of the old town from a distance during the sunset.

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