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Istanbul Toy Museum

Istanbul Toy Museum

The Toy Museum founded by Sunay Akın, a Turkish poet and writer, was opened on the National Children’s Day, 23 April 2005.  


The museum has a collection of over 4000 toys collected from all over the world and some dating back to 200 years. It consists of three floors packed with toys, has a submarine on the bottom floor and an attic that is a playroom. The museum is fun for visitors of all ages as one can come across toys he/she played with decades ago.


Educational and creative workshops like painting wooden dolls, origami, ceramics are also held at the museum.  Enjoy a coffee break at their lovely café which also hosts birthday parties and breakfasts. 


The museum is located on the Asian side in Göztepe Neighborhood. Consider taking a yacht tour along the Bosphorus and get dropped off at the museum to make a wonderful day trip.

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