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Secret Coffee Stop İn

Specifically from Ortaköy, one of the loveliest neighborhoods in the city where you can meander through narrow cobbled stone streets, check out some of the fun jewellery, hand-made scarves and antiques on stalls, grab Turkish coffee either in one of the traditional coffee houses or modern cafe’s that line up in front of the beautiful waters of the Bosphorous.

The mosque on the water, Büyük Mecidiye (Grand Mecidiye Mosque), creates a classical view that you see in many pictures of the city. In this postcard, you are looking at the waterfront and some of the Ottoman buildings by the water. If you are going to choose on of the modern cafe’s, go for House Cafe by the water and try their mint lemonade. If not, go to any of the traditional ones that seem charming, know that the prices won’t be traditional and try the ‘nargile’ aka hooka and enjoy!

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