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Salvador Dali İn Istanbul

Famous surrealist Dali’s works will be on display from tomorrow onwards in Tophane-i Amire, a 16th century building, the former cannon factory which was built by the famous Ottoman architect Sinan.

The venue itself is definitely worth a visit while this is definitely one of the most exciting exhibitions of 2011 in Istanbul.

The exhitibion of 121 works, consists of two parts. Illustrations of Dante’s Divine Comedy which were made in the 50s consists of one of the parts. Dali was asked to produce these works by the Italien government to honor the 700th anniversary of Dante’s birth. Although the poem had inspired many others such as Botticelli and Rodin before, Dali brought his surrealist touch to the text.

The second part of the exhibit consists of a series of late-career color lithographs called ‘Memories of Surrealism’ which were produced in 1971 in Paris and ‘Gala’ series which expresses Dali’s childhood dream to be a chef.

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