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Ozan Gündüzalp

He was born in 1987 in the Cappadocia region, where hundreds of hot air balloons fly in the sky every morning. His enthusiasm for meeting new people, which started at a young age, combined with his love of introducing his country, he found himself working as a guide since 2015. On this path, he received certificates to better understand the riches of Anatolian Geography, which requires expertise. Gallipoli Battle Fields, Middle East Cultures, Ephesus and Roman Culture are just a few of them. In recent years, he has been serving his guests by specializing in the History of Early Christianity. He continues to introduce Anatolia to his guests with concept and long-term (20+days) tours that include Gastronomy, Ethnic History and Local Experiences. In his free time he likes to ride his motorcyle, do paragliding and scuba diving.
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