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New Culınary Experıences From Istanbulıte


Since our clients have been asking us for more culinary experiences, we decided to come up with two more authentic culinary activites in Turkey. 

Let’s start with the first one: 

Private dining with Tolon Sokmen: 

As the name suggests, this is a private dining experience in the home of Tolon Sokmen, a rael tourism connoisseur. His wife who is an amazing cook, will prepare authentic Turkish dishes for you and you will dine with them in their living room as you discuss Turkish and world history and learn about the secrets of Turkish food and recipes from his wife.

Check it out here:

Homemade Cooking Class in Cappadocia:

This class takes place in a village in Cappadocia. The renovated stone arched house of the family is a great place to learn about local Cappadocia cooking. You will pick the ingredients from the organic garden of the family and cook with the lady in their home and then eat everything you have cooked together at their home. 

Check it out here:

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