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Ottoman Burger

Ottoman Burger

Dear friend you are in Istanbul and you have had enough of Turkish food (wait, SERIOUS?) But that’s fine, I understand you. How about a yummy hamburger then? 

Lately I became a huge fan of Mano Burger which is one of the finest gourmet burger houses in Istanbul, located in the very heart of the city right by Istiklal Avenue, Taksim.

With it’s totally Americanized interior design and concept, Mano has something that makes her different than most of the other burger houses. They use typical local ingredients in their burgers such as eggplant puree, hellim peynir(cheese) and whiting(fish) etc.

My favorite is the Ottoman Burger, which has the eggplant puree and the hellim peynir(cheese). 

You can also try the whiting burger or the chicken burger, they all look delicious.

Well as we say in Turkish “Afiyet olsun” (Enjoy your meal)


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