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Let’S Name Some Of The Most Unique Shops İn Istanbul

Istanbul is a shopping heaven, that is for sure. This is where the first shopping mall of the world was built in the 15th century. The Grand Bazaar, today’s biggest covered bazaar in the world, is composed of 66 streets and almost 4000 stores. It’s a maze that carries everything you need and you don’t need. From antiques to high end jewellery, silverware, leather jackets to beautiful tiles and more, all is here. 

But the shopping scene in Istanbul is not limited to the bazaar. There are unique designer stores in Galata and Nisantasi area. In the newer however still historical streets of Galata, you will find one of a kind dresses and jewellery. 

Let’s name some of the most unique shops in Istanbul:

Nick’s Calligraphy Store: This one is for sure the most unique store in the Grand Bazaar. The artist brings the leaves from Florida, dries them in between old books for a year and then paints on them with cat hair brush. 

Muhlis Gunbatti: The place to go if you are interested in old textiles and ‘kaftan’s (robes) with amazing embroidery. The owner has been in the bazaar for 56 years now and would educate you on his items as you sip your apple tea.

Hazal: This kilim store in Ortakoy carries some of the most unique kilims from Anatolia. And it is also the only place where you will be lectured by a lady. Ms Engin is sophisticated and polite, it will be a pleasure to learn about ‘kilim’ culture from her.

Iznik Classics: This gallery carries some of the most beautiful Iznik tiles in Istanbul. They collect works from several artists some of whom make the most beautiful reproductions of mosque and palace pieces.

Sofa Antique & Arts: There are two stores, one close to the Grand Bazaar, one in Galata district. The husband and wife who run these stores are quiet knowledgable and it’s a pleasure to chat with them. You will definitely be enchanted by their copper goods, old icons, ceramic pieces, beautiful rings and paintings.

BNG: Founded by three ladies, this is one of the most well-known designer stores. They use high quality cloth to manufacture their beautiful, unique pieces. In their Sishane store, they have a small outlet in the basement where you will find really good deals from last year’s collection.

Aida Pekin: Situated at the end of the famous designers street Serdar-i Ekrem in Galata, this is where you can find simple but different jewellery. Mostly in silver and gold plated. 

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