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İn Karakoy

Van Gogh Alive, the sensational exhibition of the most famous works of Van Gogh which were created between 1880-1890 are exhibited in Antrepo 3 of Istanbul, right next to Istanbul Modern Museum.

‘Experience the works without any frames’ says the ads. The exhibition was opened only on Friday and it attracted a lot of attention regardless of the cold weather.

This is where you experience a so-called ‘multi-sensory’ experience. It’s a show of light, color and sound, all combined to let you explore  3000 works of Van Gogh, in enormous scale, synchronized with powerful classical music. You feel as a part of the paintings rather than an outsider looking at them from outside. The exhibition aims to let the audience interpret Van Gogh’s thoughts, feelings and state of mind during his time in the little towns in Provence where he created most of his world-known masterpieces.

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