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Ever Felt Like Anything You Look At, Can Be History?

Ever felt like anything you look at, can be history?

Well, maybe you have not. But this exhibition at Salt Galata: ‘Dismantling the Archive: Representation, Identity, Memory in an Ottoman Family’ certainly made us feel like there is history everywhere.

lt all started with some diaries that were handed to Salt Research.

Diaries ot Said Bey, who is described by the French historian Francois Georgion as a caricature of an ‘Ottoman bourgeoisie istanbulite’, date between 1900-1940.

We are talking about a man who writes down anything and everything, from how many candies he bought to how much he spends on his mother-in law’s funeral.

Researched and curated by Phd student Ece Zerman as her Masters thesis; this is a quite intriguing exhibition, rather different than most history exhibits.

Where else can you see an animation of a 19th Century character who visits Berlin for the first time and sees electricity (work of Sait Mingü and Boran Güney)? Or where do you smell lavender as you walk by wedding preparation items?

The exhibition is designed by Future Anecdotes İstanbul and we have to admit that they did a great job!

Make sure you check it out!


Salt Galata

Bankalar Caddesi, No.11, Karaköy

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