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Esin Çalık Yılmaz

Esin has been living in Cappadocia since she went to study Tour Guiding at college in 2002. She holds a bachelor’s degree with a nationwide license and have been doing tours all over Turkey since 2006. After graduation, she started doing day trips in Cappadocia as well as extended tours around country. She likes being on the coastline and interest about mythology in ancient ruins so that Esin has great experience in Western Turkey tours. Esin also holds certificate of expertise in Gastronomy of Southeastern Turkey. She loves guiding for food tours and sharing all about local herbs and plants used in cuisine. Being born in Black sea region with lush green mountains, Esin’s favorite thing is being in the nature; hiking in the Cappadocian valleys, breathing the different atmospheres and discovering amazing flora of Turkey. Esin believes, tour guiding is a passion that pushes her never-ending curiosity forward, makes her discover continuously and widen her horizons.
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