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Did You Know That Today İs Turkish Coffee Day?

Did you know that today is Turkish Coffee Day?

Here are a few interesting facts about Turkish coffee:

Turkish coffee culture & tradition goes all the way back to the 16th century when coffee started to be served at coffeehouses in Istanbul. 

Coffee houses were and still are the places where people drink coffee, share news and socialize.

In Turkey, breakfast is called ‘kahvalti’ which literally means ‘below coffee’. Breakfast is what we eat before we have the first Turkish coffee of the day!

Turkish coffee is softer, more aromatic and more concentrated than other types of coffee.

Turkish coffee combines special preparation and brewing techniques. It is one of the oldest coffee making methods still in use.

The freshly roasted beans are ground to a fine powder; then the ground coffee, cold water and sugar are added to a coffee pot and brewed slowly on a stove to produce the desired foam.

The traditional techniques used in preparing Turkish coffee led to the development of the following special tools and silverware: Boiling pot (cezve) & Coffee cup (fincan)

Turkish coffee is a symbol of ‘hospitality’ & ’friendship’.

Most famous Turkish proverb about coffee is the following one: ‘the memory /sake of a cup of coffee lasts for forty years’.

Turkish coffee culture and tradition was registered on UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity on behalf of Turkey in 2013.

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