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Cool And Coolıng Places To Work In Istanbul


(Special post for expat freelancers or visiting freelancers in Istanbul)

June has become way too warm for all istanbulites. For freelancers, this means that you might not be enjoying your regular cafe if it is not cooling enough. 

We put together a list of places that you can work with without complaining about the humidity.

For visitors who brought work with them, this list is for you to get out of your hotel and work in the same environment with the locals and experience the city as you work.

So, here we go:

Salt Galata:

Summer or winter, this is one of our favorite spots in town. It can be for doing research, strolling through the maze of interesting books or for working on your computer. Salt Galata (former Ottoman bank building) offers one of the best public libraries in the city. It is frequented by students of various ages and freelancers. The place is comfortable, has inspiring architecture and is located very centrally. When you stop for a break, you have a great cafeteria right by it as well. At the end of your work day, you can go up to Neolokal for a cocktail or a great meal as well. 

It is open from 10 am to 8pm between Tuesday and Saturday. It is closed on Mondays and open between noon and 6pm on Sundays.

Entrance is free.

Yazane Istiklal:

Coolest work space in town. Yazane has moved to even a more central location. It is located on Istiklal Avenue, very close to Galatasaray High School. 

Yazane is a great co-working space where many local and international freelancers work. It is a great place to meet interesting people and work in a comfortable environment. Yazane also organizes lots of cool activities, anything from yoga classes to coding courses and workshops to after work parties. 

Yazane is open everyday and you do not have to be a member, you can pay as you go.

Cafe Nero, Bebek:

If you are a sucker for Bosphorus view, even when you work, this is your place. Four floors with the view of the most picturesque bay in the city, Cafe Nero Bebek is a great place to get your coffee and work on your laptop.

You will be surrounded by freelancers and students here, have A/C and you can eat, drink all day and no one will bother you.

Minoa, Akaretler:

This cute bookshop has a lovely cafe where you can work in peace. Minoa has become one of the favorites of the neighborhood and has a great collection of interesting books as well. If you want to take a break and get lost in the shelves, you will definitely find something interesting. You do not have to go out for food either, the place serves breakfast and lunch. You can spoon your granola and fruits as you sit in front of your computer contemplating about your new project.

Mitte, Kadıköy:

Kadıköy has loads of cafes and restaurants, however this one is located in a quiet street, has a lovely courtyard in front of it and has some of the greatest cakes in the hood for your motivational break. You can freshen up with a mint milkshake if you wish. The place is very suitable for working or socializing with a friend. It is spacious and has a lovely, peaceful courtyard right in front of it. Needless to say, music is superb as well.

Atölye Kafası, Balat:

Atölye Kafası is one of the coolest spots that has popped up in Balat. It is by the road and is quite spacious. The place is owned by two musicians and wood artists who actually make cool wooden objects and sell them to many well known restaurant and cafe’s in Istanbul. Meanwhile, they have turned their cool atelier into a cafe. You can go there for watching a game, catching up with a friend over coffee or just working by yourself. Charming interior, friendly hosts and good music make it worth the trip. You can also buy most of the works you see around you. There is a lot of temptation! After a hard day’s work, you can stay for an acoustic concert as well.

Sunday Coffee Bar, Nişantaşı:

Many call this their ‘office’, so it is no secret. Right in the heart of Nişantaşı, Summer Cafe is a great place to work. You will feel welcomed here with other freelancers as you work all day on your computer.  You can choose from their long menu of coffee and tea choices. One of the few places where you come across a long menu of tea as well. 

Atölye Istanbul:

Bomonti is on her way to becoming the new hip neighborhood of the city. Bomontiada is the main engine of this wave of change. It is the place istanbulites frequent on warm summer evenings. But Bomontiada is the office of some during the day as well. Atölye Istanbul, a new breed of co-working space has been founded here, right by Babylon Bomonti. It is not only a co-working space, but also a co-creation space. The founders are keen on creating a vibe in the space where members can create projects together. They call their space a ‘creativity platform’. Most people are members, but you can also stop by for a day.

Ops Cafe, Karaköy:

One of the classics of Karaköy area. One of the earlier establishments here, though it is still as popular as ever. Great work space, full of art on the walls, great menu to choose from and good company. Right in the heart of Karaköy as well. Try Ops Cafe for a day and you will get very comfortable. If you are meeting a friend for dinner, you can stay at your spot and your friend can join you for good food and wine. 


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