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Çiğdem Girgiç

Çiğdem is an İstanbul addict, born and raised in İstanbul and has done so much in her life that this small space won’t be enough! She has a degree in Economics, and also Theatre Criticism and Dramaturgy besides master's degree in History of Art. She worked for multinational finance companies for years such as Citibank, Xerox, Levi's etc. She was a production assistant, PR contact, hospitality manager at stadium concerts like Madonna, Michael Jackson, Metallica etc as well as various international festivals held by IKSV (Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts) for theatre, classical music, jazz, film and plastic arts. She also has been working as a conference interpreter.for over 22 years now. Çiğdem has been a tour leader for various themed tours around Türkiye in all its regions for culture, trekking, kayaking, hiking, archaeology, botanics and has been leading tours around the world mainly in Spain, the UK, Chekia, Austria, Hungary, Morocco and the Far East for over 27 years.
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