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Gem İn Sultanahmet

Where? Balat

What? An art gallery in a forgotten, historical neighborhood in Istanbul.

Bal-art is one of the oldest art galleries established in this historical neighborhood of Istanbul that was forgotten until several years ago.

Now artists are slowly moving here to set up their galleries and Bal-art is one of those beautiful galleries. Ms Beyhan who has been working as an artist for 25 years now, makes the cutest replicas of the historical houses of Balat out of ceramic.

Some of these houses can be used as decoration whereas others can be used as candle holder and as you light the candle inside the house, it looks as if all the rooms of the house is lighted up.

This is one of several art galleries that are flourishing in Balat where traditional candy stores and neighborhood markets still linger in the 21st century.

Definitely a gem you should discover in the streets of Balat..

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