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Exciting Exhibition Has Opened Up İn Karakoy.

An exciting exhibition has opened up in Karakoy. As the neighborhood has become the new focal point of art galleries, there is a new exhibition opening up almost every day.

The first personal exhibition of the young artist Elif Ozer, investigates the new wave of ‘antique’ anticipation that became popular among 20 & 30 somethings that live around Cihangir, Galata & Cukurcuma.

The exhibition deals with the relationship between the antique store owners and the objects they collect & the newly created nostalgia about 70s & 80s Istanbul.

No need to say anything else. Go check it out yourself & end your day with a bloody mary at Unter or Ops Burger at Ops Cafe.

Name of gallery: art Sumer
Adresse: mumhane caddesi no:67 laroz han karakoy
Telefon: 02122491035
Open from 11am to 7pm Tuesday thru Saturday

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